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How to start as a game designer?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm a 14 yo boy from India and I am planning to start my game designing career soon. 

But I am confused about what engine should I use, what specs do I need to make games in my PC.


SoOoOoO I need to know

  1. Which game engine should I use as a beginner?
  2. What's the recommended specs for that engine?
  3. Any suggestions about what should I make in the starting?
  4. Games already made by using that engine

Thanks 😘 in advance

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More Information please?

e.g. What specifically do you want to do? Code? Create characters?)

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1. Depends on what you want to make. Unity3D is widely used among amateurs and somewhat used by professionals

2. It can run on a host of different devices, partially because you can make 2D an 3D games. Ran fine on my 2011 dual core Athlon (depending on the game) so should run on everything really

3. Depends on what you want to make. Code? Designs? Story? etc. I would probably start with some basic tutorials to get familiar with any program you work in and then try to work towards a goal in your mind

4. Couple games in school, couple of them with a friend. Mostly 2D stuff, one light 3D one.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
6 minutes ago, Srijan Verma said:

Do you any experience in any specific programming languages?


I have experience in

  • Qbasic
  • Visual basic
  • C++
  • Java

Apart from programming language I have experience in

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Scratch
  • LOGO

Will that be okay or I need to learn something else?

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14 minutes ago, SeAsOn3 said:

I'm a 14 yo

then you're certainly not starting your career, not that young. develop skills in a hobby environment before you try to take on professional jobs. Wait a few years and then start working in your desired field of game design.

I WILL find your ITX build thread, and I WILL recommend the SIlverstone Sugo SG13B


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EVGA G3 thread, BR/BT threadSeasonic Focus thread, S12II/M12II thread, Userbenchmark (Et al.) is trash explained, PSU misconceptions

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Posted · Original PosterOP
8 minutes ago, lewdicrous said:

Do you know how to code?

Do you know how to draw?

Do you know how to write?

What do you know?

I can code 

I can draw (crap)

I can write with my right hand and create stories

I know that to create games you need to use a engine .

Each character is called a Sprite and they each have different coding to perform AI task

For example if you create a game where there will be two sprites and one will be controlled by the player and if they touch each other then you have to code the player's character like this

If pressed w move up x1

If pressed a move left x1

If pressed s move down x1

If pressed d move right x1

And the NPC like this

If touched Sprite 1

Print "game over"


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5 minutes ago, SeAsOn3 said:

- snip -

You need to start with the story/character development, not the code or graphical design side of the game.

What you write usually dictates what you design.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, lewdicrous said:

You need to start with the story/character development, not the code or graphical design side of the game.

What you write dictates what you design.


In my new game 5 characters

Red angry bird , subway surfer Jake,class of clan guy, jetpack joy ride guy , temple runner , fall out of there games and come to stadia dimensions where they are controlled by the evil master controller who makes them fight 

Become one of those character and fight with others to beat master controller and escape from this dimension




Was that a nice story?

(Definitely not ripped off smash Bros)

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4 minutes ago, SeAsOn3 said:

(Definitely not ripped off smash Bros)

You ripped off a bunch of games....

If your intention is to publish this game, then I highly suggest against using other people's intellectual property (IP)

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watch this series to get a rough idea on how starting out would feel like.


if you're looking to get hired to a studio, you'd need to learn to be part of the team instead (i.e. specific skillsets)

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Unity is pretty much what schools here teach as basic game engine. Though you could start with RPG maker or such. I've played ok'ish match3 rpg couple years ago which was made with some of those. Was fine except for super-generic story and some crappy mechanics.

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Unity is like slapping together your own engine with assets because the base implementation is lacking and then you will fight the bugs of your engine version...

Get into UE4, takes more time but you will learn something and the tools are awesome in comparison to unity.


Edit: Also consider, UE4 is open source while Unity is not. Source access for unity is very expensive and otherwise you will only be able to include .dll's. If a base system is lacking in unity3d you will have to overcome that with mostly c#.

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I really recommend you (or anyone, beginner or not) use the Godot game engine. It is a FOSS (free (as in freedom) open source software) growing game engine, which is being used more and more. It is very easy with which to start, supports C#, a very Pythonic language GDScript, C++ and a visual scripting interface. Godot supports both 2D and 3D, and as far as I know, unlike Unity3D (please, people, be sane and call the game engine Unity3D and the Linux DE Unity), it has an actual 2D renderer. Here are some games made with Godot.

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