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So my friend recently gave me one of his LCD monitors and at first it was fine then a week after use it turned off randomly so I pushed the power button it did nothing then I pressed the menu button on the side of the moniter and it turned on it went thru its normal startup then a pop-up appeared and said it neethe menu button to be pressed to continue. It turned off and is only turning on when I press the menu button and the pop-up keeps owing up. What do I do?

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next time properly paragraph your post. it's a wall of text on phones.


and the answer is you have a faulty lcd driver board, and the best way is to throw it away and get a new one. it's not worth the effort to fix old monitors, if you low on budget, get second hand monitors instead.

why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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