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Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

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what vid is this from i forget

Cpu: Intel i7 4790k@stock | Case: Corsair C70 | Motherbord: msi z97 Krait edition Ram: Crucial ballistix 16 GB | Video Card: GTX 1080 8GB |


Power Supply: Seasonic 620W Bronze|KeyBord: Corsair K70 RGB (reds)| Mouse: Logitech g502|MicrophoneBlue Snowball|


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OMG this thread is AWESOME, wish I knew more about how to use photoshop :(

CPU : Intel Core i7 3960X, Mobo : X79-UD3, Memory : 4x4GB Vengeance Black Memory 1600MHz, GPU : Asus GTX 970 Strix, Case : Switch 810 Matte Black, Storage : 256GB Samsung 830 SSD, Seagate Barracuda 1TB, PSU : Thermaltake 750W 80+ Bronze, Displays : 3x Asus 1080p Screens, Cooling : Corsair H100i, Keyboard : Logitech G710+, Mouse : Madcat Cyborg R.A.T.7, Sound : Sennheiser HD598, V-Moda Crossfade LP, Logitech Z-5500, HMD : Oculus Rift CV1

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I MADE THIS!! I first posted it in an off topic thread called "Linus Gone Wild" and then later in a thread called "post your linus and pc building memes here" or something like that

I picked it up on a twitch stream lol

Rig 1 CPU: 3570K Motherboard: V Gene GPU: Power Color r9 280x at 1.35GHZ  RAM: 16 GB 1600mhz PSU: Cougar CMX 700W Storage: 1x Plexor M5S 256GB 1x 1TB HDD 1x 3TB GREEN HDD Case: Coolermaster HAFXB Cooling: Intel Watercooler
"My day so far, I've fixed 4 computers and caught a dog. Australian Tech Industry is weird."

"It's bent so far to the right, It's a hook."

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So awesome, especially the "Slicks blink is all the sleep he gets" one!!!

Personal Build Project "Rained-On"

helped building up the CPU Overclocking Database and GPU Overclocking Database, check them out ;)

#KilledMyWife #MakeBombs #LinusIsNotFunny || Please, dont use non-default grey font colors. Think about the night-theme users! ;)

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