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Connecting S/PDIF optical Toslink to USB audio DAC

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I'm facing an issue where I'm trying to hook up an Xbox One X to a Schiit Jotunheim external DAC, which only has USB audio as its digital input. The Xbox has S/PDIF optical output, which I've struggled to find a way to adapt to USB audio. The potential solution I've found is to use an ART USBPhonoPlus V2, which has an optical Toslink input that can be recorded to a USB output. The issue is that the USB output can only be sent to a PC, not directly to the DAC.


So what I'm looking for is a way to take the USB audio input that would be coming into the PC, then send it back out over USB to the DAC, with minimal latency. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


If any of you know of a simpler solution to this that would introduce less latency, that would be wonderful.



Links to products mentioned:


ART USBPhonoPlus V2:



Schiit Jotunheim:


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USB isnt an audio interface, its a data interface with a host/client architecture.  You need a USB host device (computer) to run a client device (DAC).


You could, in theory, setup a Raspberry Pi to run headless and do the redirecting.  But you will always have latency issues.


Get a DAC with optical input if you really want to solve the issue.

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