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How wipe everything & install Windows 10 ?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It's not been resolved but restarted from Grub Problem


I have 2 devices, 1 m.2 & 1 2.5. My goal is to wipe everything on both drives and install Windows 10 on the m.2. Atm the m.2 has Linux Mint with Grub menu and 2.5 has Windows 10 with broken Boot Loader. Question is how do I do this safely ? Can I use a Windows 10 bootable USB and just format both devices then carry on with a normal installation ?


I'm really stuck on this because it got really messed-up.

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Yes that should be a safe method of installation. The Windows installer has drive and partition tools and it should also automatically register as well since it on the same system. I've had to do the same thing... broken Windows recovery option.

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