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WHS Sound Guy

Help with first PC build for video production

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm working towards building my own PC. I've never had a full tower before, I only have an ultrabook laptop, so a lot of this is new to me. Below, I copied and pasted the guide from the top of the forum for this. I also have a link to a PCPartPicker list here as well.


PCPartPicker List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xhVhtp



1. Budget & Location

I don't have a huge budget for this. I am hoping to stay under $1,600 USD for my build. I do have about $1,800 USD saved with the extra $200 for shipping, cables, software, Windows 10 License, etc. I assume the currency type is what's most helpful for this, USD. But I live in the Pacific NorthWest.


2. Aim

I am working towards some sort of career in audio and video production. This system would be primarily used for video editing. I also would like the ability to add a capture card to it so I can run small scale live productions from it. Video editing will be the majority of what I do. I also will be experimenting with different set-ups for live production, different encoding software, different camera inputs, just trying to teach myself what I can and learn from it all. I do enjoy an occasional game in my free time. I'm not a big gamer though. I only have two games that I play, although not well on an ultrabook laptop. World of Warships and Team Fortress 2. As long as I can run them at medium or better settings and get 30fps, that will be enough for me.


3. Monitors

I only have 1 monitor at the moment, hooked to my laptop as a second screen. I am hoping to be able to get a second monitor for this PC. With wanting to run small scale broadcasts, I would like the ability to run 2 screens for myself, as well as at least 1 extra output for the venue, if possible. 1080p is fine for now. I don't see a need to jump to a higher resolution or 4k. In the future, way down the road, I would like to be able to run at least 2 monitors on my desk and run a 3rd output to my projector for watching movies.


4. Peripherals

I am fortunate enough to have been given some hand-me-down peripherals. I have a keyboard and mouse as well as a headset and speakers. I will be needing to purchase and OS for this build, Windows 10.


5. Why am I upgrading?

I am upgrading because I currently am trying to run all this from an ultrabook laptop. While my laptop is great as a laptop, it lacks the cooling and I/O to do what I would like. I have been attempting to run small scale productions from it. (Here's a link in case it helps to see what I'm attempting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoa0okmdlYc&list=PLJW_CLU6laySqz1DRdnfoobG4ZFgsDQGp&index=3) I'd like to be able to run the small amount of gear I have properly and hopefully be able to get the proper gear in the future and be able to run it just as well. I'm working towards some sort of career in audio and video production. At this point, just into college, I'm not exactly sure what that will look like. I have spent a few months looking at parts and have come up with the build listed above at the PCPartPicker link. I'd appreciate any advice, recommendations, changes, that would be beneficial.


Thank you for your help with this in advance. I really appreciate it. If there is anything I've forgotten to mention here, or if there is other information that would be helpful, let me know. I'll provide what I can. Thanks.

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what software for editing?

CPU: i7-2600K 4751MHz 1.44V (software) --> 1.47V at the back of the socket Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme4 (BCLK: 103.3MHz) CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 RAM: Adata XPG 2x8GB DDR3 (XMP: 2133MHz 10-11-11-30 CR2, custom: 2203MHz 10-11-10-26 CR1 tRFC:230 tREFI:14000) GPU: Asus GTX 1070 Dual (Super Jetstream vbios, +70(2025-2088MHz)/+400(8.8Gbps)) SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 256GB (main boot drive), Transcend SSD370 128GB PSU: Seasonic X-660 80+ Gold Case: Antec P110 Silent, 5 intakes 1 exhaust Monitor: AOC G2460PF 1080p 144Hz (150Hz max w/ DP, 121Hz max w/ HDMI) TN panel Keyboard: Logitech G610 Orion (Cherry MX Blue) with SteelSeries Apex M260 keycaps Mouse: BenQ Zowie FK1


Model: HP Omen 17 17-an110ca CPU: i7-8750H (0.125V core & cache, 50mV SA undervolt) GPU: GTX 1060 6GB Mobile (+80/+450, 1650MHz~1750MHz 0.78V~0.85V) RAM: 8+8GB DDR4-2400 18-17-17-39 2T Storage: 1TB HP EX920 PCIe x4 M.2 SSD + 1TB Seagate 7200RPM 2.5" HDD (ST1000LM049-2GH172), 128GB Toshiba PCIe x2 M.2 SSD (KBG30ZMV128G) gone cooking externally Monitor: 1080p 126Hz IPS G-sync


Desktop benching:

Cinebench R15 Single thread:168 Multi-thread: 833 

SuperPi (v1.5 from Techpowerup, PI value output) 16K: 0.100s 1M: 8.255s 32M: 7m 45.93s

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've been learning DaVinci Resolve to be able to use it. I have been using Resolve to work on some of my video projects on my laptop, but it can't run very well. It overheats. But I plan to keep using Resolve as I've found it has a lot of potential, if I can get the hardware to run it.

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Is 1.5TB enough for you? If not a Ryzen 7 2700X for more storage would be a tradeoff. Also, the extra case fans are not needed in my opinion.

I like to play games and eat cookies.

I also build and sell gaming computers.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

1.5TB is a little low. But I do have a 1TB HDD in an external enclosure that I am planning to move to the computer, or at least make accessible from there. That would make a total of 2.5TB. For the footage I'm working with right now, which is only 1080p, I think that is enough to keep me going for a while. At least until I can save up for either more storage, or I think a NAS.


As for fans, that's good to know. I wasn't sure what is necessary for it. Given the state of my laptop, I knew I needed much better airflow than I currently have.

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I mean, I like the extra case fans esp. if they're RGB (and I don't care how loud it gets) but I've personally never experienced any significant performance improvements. My last build for sale only has one case fan. It runs cool and quiet.

I like to play games and eat cookies.

I also build and sell gaming computers.

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I think you could save some money on the motherboard and case fans, that should give you some extra room in your budget to play around with. The PSU you picked is absolute overkill as well. You do not need 750W PSU if your output is going to be 400W estimated. I took your build and made some tweaks to it:


PCPartPicker Part List

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor  ($326.99 @ SuperBiiz) 
Motherboard: MSI X570-A PRO ATX AM4 Motherboard  ($139.99 @ Amazon) 
Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory  ($109.99 @ Newegg) 
Storage: Crucial MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive  ($64.50 @ Adorama) 
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 3 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive  ($79.99 @ Newegg) 
Video Card: MSI GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8 GB GAMING X Video Card  ($409.99 @ B&H) 
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA G3 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply  ($81.98 @ Newegg) 
Total: $1213.43
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-11-25 15:51 EST-0500


The SSD will be your systems and applications drive while the HDD will be your main footage/editing drive. The 7200rpm drive should be able to handle the footage (unless you are working off of high end cinema cams). We edit 10bit 422 GH5 footage on 7200rpm drives and haven't found any issues with it.


If you want something faster, then I would take out the HDD, get a bigger SSD and get an external RAID 0 drive like this:




Hope this helps!





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Consider a better cpu cooler.


A 2TB NVMe ssd is not much more than the OP storage solution.


An RMx psu doesn't have the over current protection  oncerns expressed by some reviewers of Focus Plus units. 650W is more than enough for the build. In fact 550W still provides A fair amount of additional capacity.


There is no need for the additional fans. The two stock units will establish sufficient airflow through the case.

80+ ratings certify electrical efficiency. Not quality.


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PCPartPicker Part List

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3.8 GHz 12-Core Processor  ($499.99 @ Best Buy) 
Motherboard: Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard  ($179.99 @ Newegg) 
Memory: GeIL EVO POTENZA 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory  ($92.99 @ Newegg) 
Storage: HP EX950 2 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive  ($209.99 @ Newegg) 
Video Card: Zotac GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER 8 GB MINI Video Card  ($389.99 @ Newegg) 
Case: Corsair 275R Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case  ($69.98 @ Amazon) 
Power Supply: Corsair TXM Gold 550 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply  ($59.99 @ Newegg) 
Total: $1502.92
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-11-25 21:17 EST-0500

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700@3.8Ghz Heatsink: Gelid Phantom Black GPU: Sapphire RX 5700 XT RAM: Qidian DDR4 2x8GB 3000Mhz mobo: MSI X370 Gaming Plus case: Fractal Design Define C PSU: Superflower Leadex Gold 650W


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