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Workstation PSU in a gaming CPU

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Can I use a workstation PSU with an AMD RX 5500?

My Specs:

Xeon 1240v2

Asus P8 H61-M LX3 R2.0

2×8gb DDR3 1600MHz


Current Umax 450W https://www.amazon.in/Umax-450W-UMAX-SMPS-Livewire/dp/B00DBYJ0CG

The RX 5500 requires a 550W power supply
So I found this 600W workstation PSU by HP
Is it good for a GPU with 550W recommendation plus I also have a UPS to protect against fluctuations. 
So will it do the job?
(PS I have a rig which supports a PSU with a fan at the back/rear not the top or front that's why I chose the workstation model PSU)
And I can't spend money to buy a new gaming cabinet


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That is not going to work very well.


The rails are divided in a way taht makes it about like a 450w PSU + an extra 130w for an additional CPU.  If you find the CPU2 connector and replace the plug on it with a PCIe 6 pin connector, it might do the job.


Also, those PSUs are old enough that they are dying due to cap aging.  I have had 3 fail from that workstations big brother, the XW8600.  Its better to just spend the extra 10 dollars to get an EVGA 500B.

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3 minutes ago, Tawheed said:

So what 550W PSU can be used for Cabinet that only supports PSU with a fan at the back/rear

if you are saying that the PSU fan being on the bottom blocks airflow to it, just flip the PSU over.  Two of the screw holes will still line up.

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Also, you dont need a 550w PSU for RX 5500.  They over-estimate the PSU to reduce tech support calls and liability.


You can run an RX 5700 on a 550w PSU and it pulls double the power.

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