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Mismatched RAM frequency on ASUS TUF GAMING FX505DY

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently got this laptop and decided to upgrade it to 8GB from 4GB because I dont have the money to afford a new 16GB kit. I was stupid though for not using the right tools in checking my existing DIMM. Task manager displayed my RAM as 2400 MHz which was odd because last time I checked the spec sheet of this laptop config, it listed 2666 MHz and did not have the time to double check since I was busy at work. I bought another 2400 4GB DDR4 Stick online when things at work were not that busy only to find out that CPU-Z lists my existing RAM as 2666 MHz . Will this actually work? I know in my previous Core i5-6200U laptop with mismatched memory would still work but this is an AMD Ryzen 5-3550H powered laptop.




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it'll work, it just runs at 2400Mhz since that's the highest speed both sticks are specced to run at.

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15 minutes ago, NoobPotatoPCGUy said:

Won't it be a problem? Blue screens etc? Its my first time using an AMD Ryzen System so i am unsure what to do

no it wont, it will just run at 2400mhz because its the fastest speed both sticks can reach as herman said^^^

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It'll be fine.

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