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Vertical Gpu Mount On Cooler Master MB500 Case

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Have anyone installed a vertical gpu mount on cooler master mb500 case?

Whats the best vertical gpu mount on the market?

What are the negative and positive impacts of installing vertical gpu mount?

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Positive: looks


Negative: often worse airflow, you will be blocking off any other PCIE slot, clearance with especially large CPU cooler can be difficult with wider cards


I don't have experience with any particular mount, but doesn't Cablemod have a mount? If they do, I seem to remember hearing it was alright.. not sure though.

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8 minutes ago, quayyum94 said:

Whats the best vertical gpu mount on the market?

Arguably there is no "Best" Veritcal riser on the market. They all do their job to different levels (either taking up existing slots or DIY ones like @Mnpctech sells)  depending on what you're looking for. The two big standard converts are the @CableMod Vertical GPU riser and the Coolermaster one. 

10 minutes ago, quayyum94 said:

What are the negative and positive impacts of installing vertical gpu mount?

The positives are nearly 100% aesthetic reasons. There is no performance, cooling or overclocking advantages to installing your card this way. 


Negatives includes cost, potential signal degradation from a cheap PCI-E extender (if you dont buy one of decent quality), and clearance with large Air Tower CPU coolers (especially with cards that are taller than the PCI-E slots themselves). Cases that have native PCI-E slots that put cards directly against the tempered glass are NOT designed for air cooled cards, as the cards will choke on the glass and get almost no air, increasing temps and decreasing your FPS. (Your MB500 does not have this, but it's worth mentioning)



This video specifically refers to the Native PCI-E mounts I mentioned above


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