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How many time a first buld usually take?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I know basically all the steps by now, so how long will this take approximately?

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Set aside an afternoon.  No reason to rush your first build.  OS, drivers, and software take a long time.

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Probably a few hours at least for a first build.

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My first time (giggity) took about 7 hours


May have been partly that my gpu was DOA but you shouldn't have to worry about that

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4 hours is generous estimate, if you want to spend a bit of time on cable management (which took up about 1/3 my first time building).

You could also do it faster, but with this estimate I take into account you may do some things wrong.


Pro tip (from a non pro like myself):
- Install RAM and M.2 SSD (if applicable) before cooler

- Check if all cables can be easily plugged in before placing the motherboard in the case

- Check what cables you need on your PSU before-hand, so you can more easily manage them all

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I can build a pc in an hour, but also it can take a day.
It depends if everything just goes together its pretty easy. 
But in the past i had to alter some stuff to make my build works so that took a lot of time. But normal builds yeah couple of hours.

But definatly take your time do not haste, look careful what you're doing, make sure you're grounded enough and theres very little that can go wrong.

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It depends on how you build. Assuming you know what you're doing, and by this, I mean knowing where everything goes, and that no components are faulty, you can do it in like 20 minutes? Now, do you want to do it properly, with perfect cable management? That will take you a while, depending on how neat you like it to be. I took a good hour on my cable management. This estimate does not include OS and software installs, as that depends on what you'll be running and which programs you'll use.

Quote me so I can reply back :) 

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You don't want to rush yourself. The first time I built a machine from scratch, it only took me about 30-45 minutes or so, but it can easily take a lot longer for someone less experienced. Naturally, software installation will take a while too, so don't forget to account for that. It helps to make sure that you have all the materials you will need and all the tools. You shouldn't need much more than a Phillips screwdriver. If you want the system to look nice, take the extra time to route your cables properly and be neat. When it comes to software, you should make your Windows install USB and set it aside before you build the system, that way you know you should be ready once the system is built. Once you get Windows installed, you can take a look at Ninite to install your most commonly used programs. 

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I would give yourself 3 maybe more hours, this allows for build time, time to troubleshoot if it doesn't post first try, OS install, settings tweaks, driver install/update. Always better to have too much time than not enough

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1 hour ago, Neymus said:

I know basically all the steps by now, so how long will this take approximately?

Hi, well there is a huge difference between knowing the steps and actually sitting in front of the boxes and figuring out what goes where. I have been doing this for years and I could probably provide some time estimation based on your list of components, but for a first build my insight would be to just take your time, don't rush it, have fun, you are going to be building an awesome computer, enjoy the process :)

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My very first build must've took like 3 hours but I was a kid so it's reasonable I guess.


My current rig was ready in 30 mins

I tend to reply with memes because I lack social skills and don't know how to express myself correctly.

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thats a good idea for linus to rake in extra money by making a video of people for the first time putting together a pc.

perhaps his wife and a friend maybe

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