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How to stream and record properly Nintendo Switch

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So as some of you probably know if you tried to stream off the switch or know someone that has its not exactly a fun experience, you buy the equipment you buy the switch and you still have audio issues and if that wasn't bad enough, the program the capture card wants you to use is extremely scuffed.


What you need.


1. Switch/dock for switch

2. TV

3. A computer or laptop, literally anything will work even if it's the dinosaur in the attic.... As long as its on-board chip set can handle OBS


4. OBS - it has the least amount of usage out of the alternatives I've used and is great if your a budget streamer, let's be honest most new streamers are budget streamers.


5. Elgato HD60P capture card - this is the best capture card the switch can actually support.


6. ELGATO record program (this becomes obvious soon)


7. A second mic preferably USB


Ok so you have all the items and programs downloaded, now let's hook up the Elgato HD60.


1. Plug the HDMI from the switch dock into the Elgato input port.


2. Plug the micro USB which you should have got with the Elgato, into the Elgato and your PC


3. Plug in the last HDMI cable to the Elgato and your monitor or TV


Now that's all set up let's configure OBS


1. Start a new scene just right click and name it anything or use the new scene/+ button.


2. Under source add video capture device and select Elgato HD60


3. You should now see it in OBS.


4. Tweak OBS settings as needed.


So now that all set up, you do a test stream and realize a lot of things aren't working.


1. In-game chat not accessible.


2. Audio splitter isn't viable for switch (in my experience)


3. No sound output to the stream for in-game sound and music.


4. Stream has game sound but you don't


Now I will address all these issues, this is where the Elgato studio comes in to play so go ahead and close OBS for now and open it.


1. Open Elgato Game capture program


2. In the top right you should see where it detects the device from there go into it's settings.


3. Select the device you are recording from


4. Make sure it's on HDMI Audio


5. Feel free to shutdown Elgato Game Capture now.


6. Open OBS - Edit the Source settings as you like, just make sure it's running properly


7. Go to mixer go to HD60 settings and make sure it's set to monitor and output.


8. If you have echo issues or audio issues still plug in your headset to your computer and tweak the mic on it to work on twitch


Keep in mid the switch can only handle 1080P at most so anything higher is generally a waste of time.


In-Game Chat fix.


1. Plug in a USB mic to the BACK OF THE DOCK IT HAS TO BE THE BACK.


This should fix all issues from No display to Audio messing up as well as give you in-game voice chat still for fortnite or overwatch or whatever it is you play



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Posted · Original PosterOP

I posted all this here as I've not found it all in one place before

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