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NZXt H440 front panel mod (UK)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

is there any chance there is someone on here from the southeast England  (Brighton area ideally) that has case modding experience? I want to cut a hole in the steel front panel and put some airflow mesh so you cant see the shity looking dust filter but if i do it it'll defiantly not be squared etc.


im not looking for someone just too do the job for me but to possibly just help me do it correctly... First time using this forum so dont know if this is even in the right place.



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Its pretty easy.


Most people will just use a dremel with re enforced wheel. Then use a file to smooth the edges.


You can also buy uchannel molding to cover up any uneven cuts.


Then just hot glue, tape, or bolt on the mesh.

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Hey man I tried this with the s340 and it didn't turn out well. NZXT was nice enough to send me a new front panel and it was not very expensive I ended up just keeping the replacement panel and bought a new case with better air flow. However if you want to mod the front I would suggest drilling a bunch of holes in a pattern of your choice instead of cutting a big hole, or even use a grinder and do vertical or horizontal slits. To reduce dust you could use screen on the back of the panel or moders mesh.

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