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Cable management help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I assembled this new system but this case is a big oof. I never thought clearance for cable management on the side panel is an important factor to let things run easier.


Can anyone like recommend me of what I could do to reduce the clutter or maybe make my cables more manageable, as in lighter to eyes?


p.s. This case has no shroud and the side panel has a pretty large bulge.


Much thanks!15740824476113440080300565445601.thumb.jpg.a5c549cdb200dc08b8dd08ef3c511375.jpg

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Does your case have a psu shroud.. if so try and tuck some loose cables in there.

Use the cable management tabs and some zippies.


If your psu is modular only ensure you have whats required connected.


I would unplug all the cables and work 1 at a time starting with the psu cables lay it out and tie it down.

Then move onto the smaller fan wires ect.


Some more pics of whole build and specs might help


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