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Pc freezes randomly

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I built a new pc a few weeks back. I noticed, that my pc would freeze randomly. Sometimes it would happen once in a few days, sometimes a couple times a day. Sometimes it freezes at startup, but more often like an hour in. It also doesn‘t freeze completely every time. Sometimes it just gets very sluggish, moving the cursor a few cm and then freezing again. No matter if I’m doing something or just idling on the desktop. Rebooting usually solves the problem. Taskmanager doesn‘t show any heavy load when it happens. But a few times the processor clocked down to something around 0,5ghz and stayed there, but usually this isn‘t the case. I tried turning off xmp with no effect, but I have no clue what could be the cause. Also when I try to update my chipset drivers I get an error. I didn‘t update my bios, because it worked for a couple of weeks very well and the newest amd bios already bricked a motherboard I used before. But I would still update it if some of you think that‘s causing the problem.


my system:

amd 3600x

rtx 2070 super

16gb 3200 cl15 ram

x570 aorus elite

samsung 256gb 850 evo

WD black 1tb hdd

xfx 850W powersupply

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