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need some advice

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, im planning to build new pc in next month or so cuz my old one died on me and i have few questions. I'm currently using pc for music production in ableton and i work quite alot in sketchup and pro engineer but main goal of spending abit more is to get into video editing mostly tons of 10second 1080/4k from gopro into 10min clips. I used to work in sony vegas but i will mostly use premiere now i think. gaming is in no way priority 

my "soon to be" setup


CPU Ryzen 3700x

GPU asus tuf 1660 Ti (on sale atm here)

MB gigabyte x570 aorus elite

RAM corsair vengence lpx 3200 2x16gb

PSU corsair cxm550

CPU cooler noctua nh-u12a

CASE cooler master nr600 + 1 more fan in front 


1st question is about storage

i want to take advantage of both m2 slots with additional ssd + some hdds for storage

is it worth to have os and programs on m2 or should i have like 250gb sata for this and use one m2 for temps and other for quick access to content

im looking at 970 evo plus (one 250gb and one 500gb) for 2.5 im thinking of wd blue 3dnand 1tb and i allready have 2x wd red 2tb and was thinking of getting third one for raid 5 storage


and 2nd

if i'll have some spare budget would it be overkill to go with 3950x (3800 and 3900x doesnt interest me as much) or should i maybe consider higher tier gpu



is 550W enough.. im only planning to overclock it if necessary


Thanks in advance for advices :) 

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1. Intel 660P 512GB or 1TB up to you. Evo sounds good but since you already have large M.2 like intel 660P i dont think you need more SSD. just get the WD blue 3TB. i put OS and APP in my M.2 Nvme.

2. if you do edit 4k not 1080p with lot of effect yes. others no.

3. CXM is similar to Rmx in price. get the Rmx tho. 550W is fine but 650W if you want better upgrade parth.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------    Spec: Asus Vivobook S140UN    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


| CPU: i5-8250U Turbo 3.4Ghz | 

| RAM: 8 single-channel DDR4 2333mhz |

| Storage: 128GB Sandisk SSD + 1TB HTSG HDD

 | GPU: MX-150 4Gb 25 TDP |

| Monitor: LGMK430H-B |

| Audio: JBL 450BT Wireless Headset |

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Posted · Original PosterOP

thanks for reply.

cxm is 75e rmx is 102e or 119 for 650w

if i go with 660p instead of evo plus i can make that diffrence easy if its worth upgrading


so 1660ti is enough and i should consider 3950x if going for 4k?


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