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Desk Build

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am building a Desk PC similar to Linus but my hard lines will be visible.

Parts are 

Palit 2080ti with XSPC Razor

RM100 Corsair 1k watt PSU

Gigabyte Aorus Master

i9 9900k with XSPC RayStorm

32gb Vengeance 3000 RAM

2 x 360 Copper Rads

Approx 1 mile of XSPC 14mm Black Chrome tubing

Approx 1000 14mm black copper elbows from China and XSPC compression joints

2 x Alphacool Helix Res

6 x LED fans

2 x 800lph Cube type pumps

4 x 1 Tb WD DHH

1 x 500Gb M.2

25mm MDF

Undercoat and Black Hammerite Paint

The legs from my old desk

1 x 8mm tempered glass top

1 Jet fighter power switch


3 x 27" 1440p screens plus a 4th old 27" on pyramid stand...I intend to upgrade this to a wide 4k

Soundblaster Katana


Im sure i will be adding USB hub, other fans and LED but not till finished.


A Smart speaker to control home lights and other speakers and TV


Ive been working on this a month and have all main parts and the plumbing loosely fitted today .

I will be testing the plumbing in the next few days and if all is well will fit all the parts.


This is my first attempt at a water cooled PC so please wish me luck....


I have youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClQjWALLASJAdkaqgamuXGQ/?disable_polymer=true


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm trying to power the pumps only  but they won't start.

There Molex and I'm connected into psu peripheral/sata

Do I need a jumper to make psu start.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im planning to plug all fans and pumps and LED into mother board rather than a hub.

The fans and pump is easy as ill just cut and re solder wire and the hide under top lip but LED's are confusing me.

Again i will plug into mobo but shall i get 5 0r 12 volt?


Can i control with software of will i need a remote?


Maybe if i did get a hub to control all it would be easier?


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I can't get Mobo to start. Just 2 of heat sink parts flash.  Audio hs blue and hs between m.2 and SATA blue.

Iv been using psu to start pumps so jumped pins but they look ok.

I have started it before and got to config but now nothing.

Only difference is that CPU cooling is now installed.

Should I jumper something on the Mobo.

I have attached a fan to CPU fan header nothing.



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Posted · Original PosterOP

I would really appreciate some help with loading win10 on this.

It hangs on code 61 "NVRAM Initializing". After Bios I get a loading bar, then a second then hangs with 61 on the mobo display.

im sure the ram is compatible and works so it must be Bios settings.

Even with 1 simm it still seems to show 2 on the MIT menu (pic1) but on main screen just 1(pic2)

The simms are 3000mhz but if i set to that in System Memory Multiplier i get error saying Bios is wrong and speed is 2133.

I can only change System Memory Multiplier, not Frequency.

This PC has cost an aufull lot of money so far and because of its size i cant just pick it up and carry it to a professional so any help here would be appreciated.

Thanks Hopefully


thumbnail (1)bios.jfif thumbnailbios.jfif

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Reflashed Bios to f10 and bingo, win10 installed with my previously used win10 usb.
Its not been online yet so i suppose when i do that i will know if i can easily reuse the lic code

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Hi All
Just an update on the desk PC. Not quite finished yet, a bit of cladding, edging and cable tidying to do, filling the reservoirs but its nearly there and it is a flipping fast PC. 
Gaming and work are a dream and with 4 screens, or 5 if i split the ultra wide everything is so smooth and fast. The screens are all different so it does stutter a bit, theres a 1080p a 1440pIPS a 4kIPS and ultra wide1440IPS so it seems to stress NVIDIA app a bit.
I havnt used the laser thermometer yet but before i put the glass on the cpu & gpu were virtually cold/warm to touch when playing SW Fallen order across all 3 screens on highest.
Theres a video here. once properly finished i will do a nice hd video.
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