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Why is 1% & 0.1% frame rate LOWER than min. FPS?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was benchmarking some games with FRAPS and MSI afterburner, and I noticed that 'Minimum FPS' was lower than '1% time' and '0.1% time', so why is 1% low FPS LOWER than MINIMUM FPS? As if I understand correctly, it's an average of lowest 1% of FPS, so shouldn't 'minimum' be lower than '1% lows' as it is the lowest that FPS has ever dropped to?



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Posted · Original PosterOP
Just now, GekkePietert said:

Min fps is the worst second that actually happend. While 0,1% and 1% are all the worst frametimes (only the average of the highest 0,1% or 1% spikes) 

Okay so Min FPS is the loweest FPS that happened, but 0.1% low is the average of worst 0.1% of FRAME TIMES that happened between frames, so when converted to FPS (Like Fraps does in this screenshot), the converted 0.1% frame times can be LOWER than the MINIMUM FPS that game ran at?

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