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Corsair H100i RGB fans (push/pull) connection help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey all,

I wish to connect 4 fans top the Corsair H100i rgb platnium, but am unsure of how to do so. The AIO can power two individual fans, which comes with it, but i am not sure of how do 4 fans on it. Could i connect the additional fans to a cpu or chasis fan on the mobo, or use a splitter of the AIO's 2 fan connectors. 


TLDR: How to connect 4 fans to radiator, as in where to plug the wires into. 

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You can use splitters for the fan power.

Aa for the rgb im unsure as i got mine used but without the fans cos i didnt need them.


I power all my fans off it (only 4) noctua nf a15s and had no issues. Put three supply on one and the extract on the other and it allows me to regulate the supply and extract individually.

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