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Cooler Master V8 Mounting Hardware - Anyone Have Some?

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Pretty simple, my CNPS9900MAX, which was doing wonders for so long, is nearing time to be swapped onto a cooler chip as now my 3930k @4.6 hits around 80-83c when it used to only hit high 60's at max.


Now then, I do have an old V8 laying around, but no mounting hardware for it. I have seen the eu cmstore have these available, but shipping to the US is $40-50, which I might as well just buy another cooler at that point.


So, my question, does anyone know of a place or someone that has the parts I am in need of laying around? (LGA 2011 of course) I am more than willing to pay for them of course, I don't expect any freebies.



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*** Thread locked ***


We don't allow any buying/selling etc. on open forums, and you need to have 100 posts to access our marketplace.




As note, V8 was/is horrible. You can get same performance with $50 budget cooler. Better to go that route anyway. Another note, 83C depending on load is still good temp, and you are probably seeing silicone of CPU ageing rather than heatsink fan dying.


If you want help on which cooler to pick or have discussion about this thread without asking someone to sell you something, you can either edit this thread and report it to be opened. Or post another thread.

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