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Gigabyte Aorus system information viewer

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Morning all


hopefully someone will know the answer to this- 

Received a new computer from Chillblast- https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-ryzen-3700x-custom-video-photo-editing-pc.html?category_id=415#product-details-tab-tab1136


happy with everything other than the noise-

the CPU cooler seems to be whirring- like its having to speed up every couple of mins- then slowing down again. and repeating over again and again. similar sound to when you first boot. 

so i downloaded system information viewer- and used it to set fans to 'quiet' (see attached pic), but that doesn't seem to have changed anything,

i then went to make a recording to send to chillblast to show them the temps of the CPU which are in the 60's when idle. i pressed record and left it for an hour but it didn't prompt me to save the recording- where is the file saved???


Any help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. 





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I don't think SIV allows you to save the recorded data.


The reason your fan spin fast and slow often is because of the temperature fluctuating a lot of times. This is normal and you have nothing to worry about.


Anyway, to reduce your fan from going high speed and low speed so often, you can adjust the delta-temperature interval at the bottom of the app. Also, adjust the graph like in this screenshot. It should reduce your fan from suddenly spinning so fast.



You can also set the fan speed at the BIOS.

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