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Vive Wireless and VR Streaming

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I didn't see a VR section so I figured here should work since it's about the Vive Wireless and it's additional trackers. The most recent Wireless VR video was a surprise for my roommate and I. We were/are avid VR enthusiasts and content creators. Wireless VR is something that we've been using for quite sometime, alongside our other VR headsets. In house currently, we have 2 decked out Vives, 1 Quest, and 1 Index.

For the content we created, we performed live in game dances using 3 extra HTC Vive trackers attached to our hip and legs to fully track our in game characters.
I decided to post here to see if anyone else here has ever done or experience this level of VR before. I have a few links that show off what my Vive looks like now with all it's upgrades, and a video of one of my performances.


Again, I just thought it was super interesting seeing Linus finally try out the Vive Wireless and I wanted to share my past experiences with all of you.


Here's my decked out Vive

And here's an old video with that same Vive. I chose this older video since you can see what I do in real life in comparison to how the game tracks it.
I will admit now, the model I'm using wasn't well crafted for my proportions at the time and my latest ones are a lot better.


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