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What is the minimimum amount I could spend for:

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So my question is basically. I'm preparing for World of Warcraft Shadowlands. It's blackfriday soon, so I want a computer now, as mine is about to die.

I basically want a computer where I can do 40 man raids on 60-80 FPS consistently at 1440P. 


I want to spend as little money as possible to be able to do this properly. 

Note: I have all the peripherals ready, just need the desktop.


What's your build advice :)?


Thanks a bunch!!!

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A PC Enthusiast since 2011
AMD Ryzen 5 2600@4GHz | GIGABYTE GTX 1660 GAMING OC @ Core 2040MHz Memory 5000MHz
Cinebench R15: 1382cb | Unigine Superposition 1080p Extreme: 3439
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2 minutes ago, Vishera said:


I don’t think he has one.  That’s what he’s trying to find out except he has no hardware info either.  He only knows how he wants a theoretical machine to behave.  

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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You are missing so much information. I suggest you go read the Read Me First thread, and try again.

Current PC:




Mothballed PC:



CPU: Intel i5 4690k Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 Motherboard: MSI Z97i AC ITX

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 16GB DDR3 Storage: Kingston Fury 240GB GPU: Asus Strix GTX 970

PSU: Thermaltake TR2 Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX

Monitor: Dell P2214H x2 Mouse: Logitech MX Master Keyboard: G.Skill KM780 Cherry MX Red



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Posted · Original PosterOP

People were asking me for more information



Maximum €1500 for desktop, but that's the point. I'm specifically for a desktop as cheap as possible where I can raid in World of Warcraft (Shadowlands) 40 man without dropping below 60FPS.



  • Do 40-man raids in World of Warcraft Shadowlands without dropping below 60FPS at 1440P
  • No parts older than 2016
  • Must be capable of dual screen (2x 32 inch) 
  • I literally use this build only for Shadowlands and some light 1080P video editing (sony vegas)
  • spend as little money as possible 


2 * aoc-cq32g1 



I have everything from Razer, ready to go.


Why am I upgrading:

I am currently on a laptop just for computer science ed, which has 2 cores and a D tier video card. I am not using this for gaming.

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So the big question is what kind of requirements does shadowlands have?  WoW traditionally was light on CPU but heavy on GPU.  This may have changed for shadowlands though.  Also there is quality settings.  Rendering quality settings make a big difference.  The game came out a week ago, and I’m seeing a lot of reviews about gameplay but very little about actual hardware.  The “recommended” requirements are quite low.  My machine is years old but still beats them.  It doesn’t say anywhere I can find whether it can even use multi core.  WoW is an old game, and at least used to be single threaded.


Im going to ignore the light video editing thing entirely.  Video editing likes multi cores and likes Nvidia over AMD.  Both increase price for equivalent game performance.  If we make a video editing machine it will be right at 1500, and it may not play the game as well.  It might not though so we need to know some things:


Things that are need to know:

-does shadowlands use multi core?

if it’s single core only MHz matters.  Some sort of low core count high MHz intel CPU.  Something near 5ghz.  

-how much memory do these 40 member raids eat?  “Recommended memory is 8gb.  16gb is easy. Would more help?

-does WoW shadowlands have a heavy preference for a GPU brand?  

My first instinct is to point you at a low end 5700xt.  It will do the 1440p, and they’re (relatively) cheap.   It does not do raytracing.  It’s also AMD.  1440p requires more than 4gb of video memory.  Will the very cheapest 8gb video card do it though?  You might be able to get away with a 580.

If you DO want raytracing then we pop up directly to an Nvidia 2080ti and hope it’s enough.


These are not what I suspect is the primary worry though:  the biggest bottleneck isn’t going to be hardware it’s going to be ping.  WoW is a MMO. (The first one iirc) Large numbers of players means large amounts of data to and from the server which means a fat data pipe.  A fat data pipe won’t help though if you don’t have good latency to the server (ping)


Where in the country you put this thing could have more to do with whether you can do this than what hardware you buy.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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