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High Memory Usage

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Posted · Original PosterOP

A couple of weeks ago I noticed my RAM usage being around 70% of 16GB with almost nothing running. I checked task manager and it only adds up to about a single gigabyte. When I went to the users tab, I was the only user signed in, but it shows around 1,700 MB of usage being 78% of 16GB. Does anyone have any ideas? I'll try an AIDA64 stress test and edit with the results.


AIDA results:
Task manager shows 5.5GB of usage from my account and 96% of 16%. When I stopped it, it went down to ~1,300MB and 70% of 16GB.

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Could you check in resource monitor in task manager? This should give us a better idea of what programs are using ram, since not everything is shown in task manager (e.g. windows processes).

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