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Game For Driving Simulator? =)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I recently bought a logitech G27 racing wheel for playing gran turismo 5 on PS3. But as GT5 is PS3 only, I also want a good PC game. I like more driving simulators than racing simulators.


Thanks :)

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Euro Truck Similator is for driving :) I've actually looked around for cruising type game like old Midtown Madnesses, but seems that closest to that are Test Drive Unlimited and Burnout Paradise.

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Euro truck simulator 2 is amazing. But it will take quite a bit of time to move in that game.

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Netkar pro

Assetto Corsa beta (need to have netkar pro but it's good)

Iracing (subscription based)

Rfactor/Rfactor 2

Ferrari Virtual challenge

Reiza studio game stockcar

Reiza studio formula truck 

Live for speed


These are a few simulator games that are great. Iracing is expensive but it's organised online racing cannot be matched. All of these games have great physics and are great with a wheel. None of them, except maybe rfactor, have the same scale as GT5, but their physics are more realistic. 


Have fun :)

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Assetto Corsa Technology Preview

Auto Club Revolution

City Car Driving 

The DiRT series

The Codemasters F1 series

Ferrari Virtual Academy 

Game Stock Car 2012

Grand Prix Legends 

GRID (Race Driver: GRID)

GT Legends



Live for Speed 

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season 

Need for Speed Shift 2 (EA...  <_< )

Netkar Pro 1.3 

Project CARS, Pre-alpha 

Race 07

Raceroom Racing Experience 


rFactor 2 

Richard Burn's Rally 

Rigs of Rods 


Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

World Rally Championship 3

X-Motor Racing 


Spin Tires could possible see G27 support if it hits the goal on Kickstarter. 


I know they're all racing simulators with the exception of City Car Driving and Rigs of Rods, but driving simulators are rare and I would hate to leave you with only two games on my list. All of these games work with the Fanatec CSR wheel, so I assume they would be compatible with the G27 as well. After typing all of that I also thought of OMSI and Euro Truck Simulator 2, both of which are driving simulators and not racing simulators.

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Euro Truck Simulator, never played it, just seen it on steam. 

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Live for speed is awesome!

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try the new game called Raceroom Racng Experience on Steam, its a free game and is very realistic IMO. Also made by SIMBIM which know what there doing

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