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(Poll) GPU/CPU fps benchmark formats

Visual representation of data - what is best?  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Between Format A and Format B, what do you prefer?

    • Format A
    • Format B
    • I like both!
    • I hate both! >:(
    • No preference
    • Other (please specify)

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Posted · Original PosterOP



What kind of format do you prefer for GPU/other component fps benchmarks?



And Please disregard the placeholder title and lackluster legend. It's more about the horizontal vs. vertical representation of data.

I didn't include the format where each GPU would have their avg/min in each game, as I personally find that more difficult to read..

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1 minute ago, minibois said:


Format A thicc.

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Format B. 

Specifically in 16:9 or other widescreen formats, because you have more detail and granularity over the important part of the graphs (the split differences)

Fine you want the PSU tier list? Have the PSU tier list: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1116640-psu-tier-list-40-rev-103/


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Maybe this is an unpopular opinion (though judging by the results, apparently not), but even though they're showing the same amount of information, the first one feels organized and readable to me while the second makes me feel overwhelmed - if it was in a video I'd want to pause and review to make sure I'm reading it correctly.

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