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What Would You Buy Used?

Buying Used Products  

98 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of these would you buy used?

    • PC Hardware - CPU, RAM, GPU, Motherboard etc.
    • Laptops
    • Peripherals - Speakers, Headphones, Earphones, Keyboards, Mice, Monitors etc.
    • Mobile Devices - Phones, Tablets etc.
    • Other items not listed above
    • I would not buy used products of any kind.

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As long as the item in question works and is in good condition, I will buy used hardware of a wide variety.


Think the last piece of hardware I bought new in a while was a DDR4 RAM kit a few years back and that was for my used 5960X.  :P  The majority of my computer hardware and all my monitors where bought used.  Even all the cases.

Just a nutty gal that abuse hardware with F@H and BOINC.

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My CPU Army: 4690K Delid, E5-2670V3, 1900X, 1950X, 5960X J Batch

My GPU Army:960 FTW at 1551MHz, 1080Ti FTW3, 1080Ti SC, 1070 Hybrid, 2x Titan XP

My Console Brigade: Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, PS2 Fatty, PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X

My Tablet Squad: iPad 9.7" (2018 model), Samsung Tab S, Nexus 7 (1st gen)


Hardware lost to Kevdog's Law of Folding

OG Titan, 5960X, ThermalTake BlackWidow 850 Watt PSU

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A house apparently.

Pixel Collider i9 9900k | Gigabyte Aorus Ultra | EVGA GTX 1080 SC | Corsair AX 860 | Corsair Vengance LPX 16Gb 3200 Mhz | Corsair 760t | Noctua NH-D15S | Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB |Samsung 850 Pro 256GB, Samsung 840 EVO 500Gb, Samsung 840 EVO 120Gb, WD Caviar Black 4Tb, WD Caviar Black 1Tb | (3) Noctua NF-A14 FLX, (2) Noctua NF-A15 chromax.black.swap (1) Noctua NF-S12A, (1) NF-A15 PWM,  Noctua NA-HC3 chromax.black.swap heatsink covers

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I would buy anything thats useful to my homelab.

Main Workhorse:-

Dual Xeon E5-2687W v3 | SuperMicro X10DAi Dual Socket Workstation Board | 64GB ECC DDR4 2400Mhz | Intel DC Series 500GB SSD | EVGA Geforce GTX Titan X | Seagate 7200rpm 2TB | SuperMicro Gold Series 1Kw PSU | SuperMicro EATX Chassis | LG Ultrawide 34inch 75hz | LG 1080p 22inch IPS 75hz | Ubuntu 19.10 x64 |



Dual Xeon E5-2680 v1  | SuperMicro X9DRW-3LN4F+ Server Board | 64GB ECC DDR3 1600Mhz | 7 x Intel DC Series 500GB SSD's | SuperMicro SuperChasis SC119TQ-R700WB 1U | Redundant 450w Gold rated PSU's | ESXi 6.7



2018 15 inch Apple Macbook Pro Touchbar with 16GB Memory and 256GB NVMe


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I dont usually buy stuff used, mostly because I choose what product I want first, and then I go look where I can get it. Usually it ends up not being on sale used here when I am buying.

Also, because the sweet 5 year old warranty by law on things that is supposed to last longer time than 2, like most technology, the discount would have to be a bit...


That said, I could possibly get speakers, monitors, and some pc hardware like CPU used, but other things like keyboard, headphones phones, and PSU I would never get used.


I always put anything I don't need anymore up for sale used rather than throwing it away tho, and everyone else should too. Someone will buy it if it works, and the price is low enough.

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It matters that you don't just give up.”

-Stephen Hawking

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I'm questioning a lot of things suddenly after seeing all the responses...


I chose that my options were not on the list, because I was under the impression that used either meant "store returned" or "Craigslist", both situations which have been losses for me. Store returned items, or 'open box' don't have a warranty (store states they only have a 3- or 7-day return policy on open box sales), and as I was not the "original" purchaser of whatever hardware, any faults are not covered by manufacturer (was only once, and I can't remember what it was, but it was enough to make an impression, so...). Second-hand software is just too sketchy these days. And if it came on a disc, its usually scratched to hell/unreadable.


The other thing is, I used to know of people who acquire hardware through various possibly-not-legal means and then sell it. So that has colored my view of the second-hand market (on top of people who try to glamorize their whatever as being more rare/unique/valuable and thus being worth 3 times the market value, but I digress) to a fairly strong degree. Also, another group of people do not take very good care of their stuff, and the reason they are selling it is because they have used it up, damaged to a 'barely passably functional' state, and then hope to pawn the issues off onto some unfortunate individual while they get to use that to buy their next whatever that they don't take care of.


But, yes, cars are something I will buy used. Tools, are another. Clothes, I guess? I mean, I've bought clothes from a Goodwill/Savers before...


CPU: Intel i7 6850K

GPU: nVidia GTX 1080Ti (ZoTaC AMP! Extreme)

Motherboard: Gigabyte X99-UltraGaming

RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB) 3000Mhz EVGA SuperSC DDR4

Case: RaidMax Delta I

PSU: ThermalTake DPS-G 750W 80+ Gold

Monitor: Samsung 32" UJ590 UHD

Keyboard: Corsair K70

Mouse: Corsair Scimitar

Audio: Logitech Z200 (desktop); Roland RH-300 (headphones)


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Anything that isn't a hard drive or powersupply, I'd buy used.


I like brand new stuff, but in a pinch, I have no issues getting a used device like a phone, laptop or whatever else.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 / GPU: Radeon HD7970 GHz 3GB(upgrade pending) / RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB DDR4-3200
MOBO: MSI B450m Gaming Plus / NVME: Corsair MP510 240GB / Case: TT Core v21 / PSU: Seasonic 750W / OS: Win 10 Pro

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I've always been skeptical about second hand mobile phones:

  • They could have been stolen and sometimes it doesn't work because the IMEI got blacklisted
  • Almost all of them are scratched in some way it costs more to repair than the second hand price itself
  • The battery is always degraded

I am willing to give a try on graphic cards however.

Specs: Motherboard: Asus X470-PLUS TUF gaming (Yes I know it's poor but I wasn't informed) RAM: Corsair VENGEANCE® LPX DDR4 3200Mhz CL16-18-18-36 2x8GB

            CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4.2Ghz          Case: Antec P8     PSU: G.Storm GS850                        Cooler: Antec K240 with two Noctura Industrial PPC 3000 PWM

            Drives: Samsung 970 EVO plus 250GB, Micron 1100 2TB, Seagate ST4000DM000/1F2168 GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 ti Black edition @ 2Ghz


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literally anything if its a good price, but if it's not too much discount off new ill buy new. only thing i wouldn't buy is probably earbuds. but so far all my mice have been used except one, my monitor and everything in my pc is used along with my laptop. I regretted building my first pc with brand new parts as I didn't know any better but even my s8+ was bought used. along with my tripod i have no problem with used stuff, not super picky just trying to save a buck as long as it works. I don't think of the worst case scenario on most things however the only thing im cautionary about buying used is a car. (tell that to me I drive a $1k toyota)

PC Specs: 

CPU - intel i7 3770


GTX 1060 6GB 

Storage: 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD 

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On 11/4/2019 at 4:56 PM, sowon said:

I recently had a discussion with some friends about what types of used technology we would buy, so it spurred on my curiousity, what kind of technology would you buy used?


For me, I can personally buy the following used:

  • PC Hardware - CPU, RAM, Motherboard (as long as it's known working), GPU (as long as it was not a mining card)
  • Speakers
  • Monitors


I'm very picky with what things I would buy and used if they were second-hand. One of the most particular items that I discussed with my friends were in-ears and keyboards, as I would find it disgusting to use those no matter how hard they would be cleaned. For keyboards, I can accept changing the keycap set as vintage keyboards are a hot thing.


So, what would you buy used? I've included a poll but feel free to discuss further outside of the poll. :)

I would buy almost anything used depending on the condition.
If it's covered in scratches or cracks etc. I probably won't go for it unless I can get the glass replaced for cheap.
I have a lot of used stuff:
Laptop's HDD
Laptop's SSD
Desktop's SSD
Desktop's GPU
Desktop's Case
Desktop's PSU
Tablet's keyboard
probably more...
I would happily pay just over 1/4 the retail cost for something a year after it's release as long as it's in good condition...

Custom SFF AMD Sleeper (Gaming):
- CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.8Ghz all cores

- GPU: Reference RX Vega 64
- RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) @ 3200Mhz
- Storage: 256GB Samsung PM951 NVMe SSD, 2TB WD Black HDD
- Displays: Asus VG248QE 1080p @144hz, 2x Dell SE2417HGR 1080p @60Hz

Dell Precision M6700 (Daily):

- CPU: i7-3720qm @ 3.4GHz all cores
- dGPU: K3000M "Gigahertz Edition" 1006Mhz Core, 2004Mhz MEM

- eGPU: MSI Armour RX 480 4GB
- RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) HyperX Impact @ 1600Mhz
- Storage: 256GB mSATA w/ 2x 1TB WD Black HDDs in RAID 0
- Display: Samsung LTN173HT02 120Hz 1080p internal display With 120Hz Input Mod!

Dell Poweredge R720 (Server):
CPUs: 2x Xeon E5-2667v2 @ 3.6Ghz all cores
RAM: 64GB (8x8GB) @ 1333Mhz

Storage: 1x Intel 160GB SATA III SSD, 15x Seagate SAS Enterprise 1TB HDD in RAID 6

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I avoid buying used whenever possible.


However, when I do opt to buy used, it's always from someone I know personally and always cheaply. 

Ryzen 1600x @4GHz

Asus GTX 1070 8GB @1900MHz

16 GB HyperX DDR4 @3000MHz

Asus Prime X370 Pro

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB

Noctua NH-U14S

Seasonic M12II 620W

+ four different mechanical drives.

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I would buy just about anything new depending on the price.

The thing you have to take into account is not getting a warranty of any kind. So my rule of thumb is if it's half the price then it's worth buying used because if it breaks, you can just bin it and replace it and you wouldn't be any worse off than if you bought it new (plus you could sell the broken device and recover some money, so still be better off)


It also doesn't help that I also rarely buy anything that's newly released, I prefer to wait until it's been out a while before buying to make sure the bugs are ironed out. With smartphones, I always stay a generation behind, I'm currently on an LG G7, which I bought just after the G8 was released for only £200 brand new on ebay. I only paid around £20 more than if I'd bought a used one. Granted I didn't buy it from a proper shop, but it was still sealed, and half the price of buying it brand new in store!


As for other things in my life, most of those were bought 'used' as well. Most of my furniture was from the Bargain Corner in IKEA, or was bought second hand on Gumtree. Heck I even got a 2 year old £400 dishwasher for free on Freecycle because someone bought a house and was bringing their own dishwasher and just wanted it gone! All I make sure when I buy things is that the previous owners don't have pets (I hate animals I don't see why people want those creatures inside the house with them, they stink, take up room, make a mess everywhere and cost an absolute fortune!).


I don't even mind going to the sketchy parts of town to get a good deal, it could even be stolen for all I care, as long as it can't get traced to me!


Could I afford to buy the things brand new? Yes

Would I rather spend less so I can buy more things? Also yes!



HP OMEN 15 - Intel Core i7 9750H, 16GB DDR4, 512GB NVMe SSD, Nvidia RTX 2060, 15.6" 1080p 144Hz IPS display



Vacancy - Looking for applicants, please send CV



2009 Mac Pro 8 Core - 2 x Xeon E5520, 16GB DDR3 1333 ECC, 120GB SATA SSD, AMD Radeon 7850. Soon to be upgraded to 2 x 6 Core Xeons



LG G6 - Platinum (The best colour of any phone, period)

LG G7 - Moroccan Blue


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Just now, Bitter said:

Literally anything except underwear or sex toys if the price is right.

Once they're washed they're as good as new!



HP OMEN 15 - Intel Core i7 9750H, 16GB DDR4, 512GB NVMe SSD, Nvidia RTX 2060, 15.6" 1080p 144Hz IPS display



Vacancy - Looking for applicants, please send CV



2009 Mac Pro 8 Core - 2 x Xeon E5520, 16GB DDR3 1333 ECC, 120GB SATA SSD, AMD Radeon 7850. Soon to be upgraded to 2 x 6 Core Xeons



LG G6 - Platinum (The best colour of any phone, period)

LG G7 - Moroccan Blue


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I would buy anything thing used if it is good working order.  My desktop GPU and Laptop are both used.  I just bought a Switch used for Christmas for my son.  I've sold a CPU and RAM to others, when I upgraded and will be selling a monitor soon.

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I'm willing to buy CPUs, Mobos, Ram, and GPU's used. Kinda hard to break a CPU, and those are easy to test if they work or not. Also, if they work fine, they probably will continue to do so (*cough cough HDDs). No Cases, those are too big, shipping makes them too expensive, PSU, maybe, I've found a AX1200i for 50$ used for mining and flipped it. I'd only buy high-end units. and HDDs, no way I'm getting one second hand. I like my data, and don't like rebuilding RAID arrays.


As for other stuff, I buy laptops and phones new, too easy for something inside the phone to be damaged, and cracked screens, and keyboard problems, etc. Also, those tend to be more expensive.


I buy headphones and IEMs used (minimal use on IEMs only, I'm talking 5 hours or something), You can get some pretty good deals. I got my ZS10 Pros for 30$. I also like buying on reddit vs eBay, as it feels safer to me. (Harder to fake an active acc with many comments and posts in legit subreddits)


No experience to buying used keyboards (besides 'gaming' ones), so can't comment on that. (GMK is so expensive, but people make such cool kits...)


Stationary too, you can get some amazing deals 2nd hand. I'm not spending 65$ on a ballpoint, but if its going for 11$....


I use reddit to buy stuff, or eBay sometimes. Reddit is more secure imo, due to the factors I mentioned above. Also, PP G&S only, unless its for small transactions (10$ or less)


Hello! Feel free to PM me anything. Here's my stuff below!

PC (Main)


CPU: i5-8400 CPU Cooler: Cryorig M9 Plus   Motherboard: Gigabyte B360M DS3H | RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x8 DDR4-2400 SSD: Inland 480GB SSD | Video Card: RX 570 4GB Strix OC | Case: Fractal Design Meshify C White TGPSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750 Monitor: Sceptre 24" 1080p 75hz Webcam: Logitech C920 Keyboard: Corsair Strafe | Mouse: Corsair Harpoon RGB




Synology DS418J w/ 4x WD Red Pro 6TB RAID 10

Seagate 5TB external SMR 2.5" HDD

MS Office 365 - 1TB Onedrive




iPhone XR 64GB iPad Mini 4 128GB




Dell XPS 15 9570 i7-8750H + 1050 Ti MacBook Air 13" mid-2012




Schiit Fulla 2 & Sennheiser HD 598 Cs | Corsair HS70 KZ ZS10 Pro | Audio-Technica LP120USB Audioengine A2+


Stationary (new hobby!)


Pencils: Staedtler 925-05 (.5mm), Pentel Smash Q1005 (.5mm), Uni Kuru Toga Roulette (.5mm), Uni Nano Dia .5mm 2B, Mitsubishi 9850 HB

Pens: Several Uni Signo UM-151s, Several Pilot G2s, Kaweco AL Sport Touch ballpoint

Fountain Pens: Pilot Metropolitan F, Lamy Al-Star M, Lamy CP1 F

Ink: Diamine Jet Black, Diamine Oxford Blue


Wishlist (feel free to PM me recommendations): Pentel Orenz .2/.3mm, Pentel Graph for Pro 1000 (.5mm), Rotring 600 (.5mm), Pilot Vanishing Point/Lamy 2000, Pilot Iroshizuki Kon-peki, Noodler's Tiananmen.


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Anything depending on the price. 

i5-4670K ~ RX 470 ~ Z87MX-D3H ~ MX300 525GB ~ CM Hyper 212+ ~ 12GB 1600MHz Ram ~ EarthWatts 650 ~ NZXT GAMMA ~ WD Blue 250GB

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