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AMD GPU Linux folding driver issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have tried manny things, divers, configurations etc... doesn't detect the cards no matter what I try...

Can someone point me to or tell me how to properly do AMD linux drivers so F@H will run?

I want to use something Debian (ubuntu if possible) and I have a 290x and a VII



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Well, i have same issue, the drivers from AMD will not install nice even under Ubuntu 18.04 so hope some have a nice solution :)

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Execute FAHClient as root and see if that resolves your issue.


You can do this by setting the extra client option "run-as" with the value "root".


Alternatively you can edit /etc/init.d/fahclient and change the user line appropriately.


Then restart the service.


FAHClient uses the "clinfo" call to get GPU data. For some reason the default user "fahclient" created at install doesn't have permission to make any OpenCL calls on Ubuntu 18.04 and later. Adding fahclient to the "video" user group didn't help either.


You might also have luck running it as your user if you don't want to leave it on root in the long run. That seems to work sometimes depending on the distro.


If you get past that issue and find your 290X fails work units I can let you know what I had to do to get my pair of 280X's working.

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