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Sager NP9150 Gaming laptop with AMD HD7970m Good for 2019?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys! I am trying to buy a decent enough gaming laptop in my budget. The budget is tight and the cheapest gaming laptop i could find is this one. Its a used laptop. My budget is around 30k INR ($425). I was hoping i could play modern games at least on low or ultra low. I just want a gaming laptop for when i am travelling. I already got a gaming PC but cant take it around everywhere :/ . Thanks alot for your replies! :)


The specs of that laptop are

i7 - 3610QM 4 core 8 thread

HD 7970m GPU

1080p screen but i am okay with playing games at 720p.


Thanks again! :)

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I think you'll be fine on running competitive games on that such as CSGO, LoL or Dota 2 but running AAA titles on that laptop is a bit impossible. 

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