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Should i be worried?

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So i have a zalman z9 plus case which comes with a temperature monitor, the temperature monitor usually is at 23-27 degrees but after installing a new hard drive today it is at 35 degrees. I was initially worried but right now im downloading on my pc and the cpu temp is 36 degrees and it smells normal from the top exhaust fans, my question is should i be worried?

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3 minutes ago, jcooper2187 said:

should i be worried

No, you are fine, your temperatures are good. No need to worry.

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It will depend very much where sensor is mounted. If it's was where HDD is now, ofc HDD is producing more temp in that area.


Inside case temps don't really matter, and HDD temps are fine up to 60C+. CPU low load temp of 35-50C is normal.

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