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My laptop cannot boot into windows after blue screen of death.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So my laptop has been running on Windows 7, the issue occured during class in college and I really need to get my laptop back and running again. It cannot boot up my windows and I have tried to use my just in case USB-stick with backup Windows installed in it on my laptop, but that did not work. It says something like I am not able to boot into my SSD. I can give out more information about the subject later, as I am in a rush right now. And just to clarify the SSD is the only drive in my laptop currently, it has been recently bought and installed so there should not be a problem with it, it did run perfectly well before the incident.


I might try hooking up the ssd to my desktop computer and seeing if I can play around with it from there. But as for now I have no time to do so.


Thanks, Jiri.

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