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HDMI Switch for PS4 Pro

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My Current Setup is a 3 Port HDR 4k TV. Going on 1 HDMI Port is my audio system on the HDMI Arc Port. The problem I am facing now is, i still have to connect my FireTV4k Stick, Ps4 Pro with HDR meaning i need max bandwith on that, 4K BlueRay Player, Nintendo Switch and my PC.


My solution for this problem was to buy a 4k30hz switch with 5 Ports which didnt work out. My Pc didnt work on it (obviously..) and as soon as there were more then 2 Signals at once it couldnt handle anything. The Fire TV Stick always being on would make it switch automatically (literally every switch i find has an auto input switch). I would also prefer the Tv STick to always be on a set HDMI Slot since its like the main screen of the TV. That leaves me with needing a Switch that can support the full 4k 60hz HDR from the Pro.


I got 2 switches on my watchlist:


More Expensive one


Cheaper one


The thing is someone says in the comments of the cheaper on that he only gets 2160p-YUV420 instead of 2160p-RGB.  And in the comments of the more expensive one everyone says it works fine with the PS4 Pro. Which gets my confused, since both seem to have the same specs..


Anyone can help me with a decision, or even a better solution?

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