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How accurate is PC Building Simulator (performance wise)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I KNOW!!! PC building simulator isn't insanely accurate as far as how close it is to building a PC in real life.


BUT! How accurate is the simulator in simulating PC performance? If I build a computer in the game, and build an identical computer in real life... Will the benchmarks on 3D Mark be similar to the real life rig, and will over clocking performance equal real life output with the settings set the same? Any one have PC builds that are able to be repeated inside PC Build simulator and run benchmarks in both to give comparison?


Basically, for very simple performance comparisons of different build options, how much can PC build simulator be used as a test bed without breaking the bank?

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I mean you'll have an idea but you never know if you'll hit silicon lottery or garbage. It all depends how well you can simulate the cooling process and assuming you have everything tightened and put together very effectively. This is where it becomes unrealistic as they make sure all the screws and what not are being tightened the same all around.


Summary: Too many variables to really tell you how accurate it could be. Power delivery from 110 v Outlet could be "dirty" and unreliable. you never know


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Posted · Original PosterOP

That seems like a very picky assessment. I'm not looking for a simulator that simulated every electron flowing through every circuit. I understand craftsmanship and environment can play a big role. But the question was assuming those nit picky variables are in order. I want to build a computer in my house that has working AC set to 72 degrees and plug it into the same wall outlet/storm surge I've used for my old computer for 5 years. All the whileI have limited PC building experience, but work as an Air Craft electrician, so I'm confident my mechanical practices are going to be above par. So I don't need to have a simulator (which is a game after all) simulate every one of those aspects.

That kind of assessment is like complaining that Microsoft flight simulator isn't taking into account the sobriety of the mechanic that checked your tire pressure that morning. Sometimes he might be drunk and not notice the tire has sprung a leak while pushing you back and you're going to have a tire blow out when you land.

I want to know if someone builds the exact same spec PC that they can replicate in PC Building simulator. Will the simulated rig and the real rig have the same 3dMark score +/- 100 and temps +/- 5 degrees? How accurate do those numbers compare as you overclock. This thread was basically asking the public to see if they can build their exact computer in PC Building Simulator, and post the results of 3dMark and CPU/GPU temps from both instances in here.

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A Simulator runs a Simulator to generate simulated Results. Should be obvious.

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