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Intel Core i5 3230M UPGRADE

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Aye everybody. I've watch LTT for abt a year now and I'm starting to get more ambitious with my current setup. I'm a poor college student running a Lenovo Ideapad p500. The Samsung SSD is dang speedy already so that's stayed. I upgraded memory to 8GB 2pc HyperX ddr3 @ 1860MHz. I feel I could upgrade the processor, a Core i5 3230M @ 2.6GHz, to something a little bit faster like an i7 (side note I'd love to try overclocking at some point though I'm not sure that's possible in a laptop). I need a little help and advice on what processor if any will give me some more performance gain. My workload type is some video rendering and some light gaming here and there.


Anything is helpful thx


Edit: I'm thinking about an Core i7-3540M. It's physical specs match with an upgrade of 3.0GHz vs the 2.6GHz. I'm wondering if I will see any performance gain. 

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