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Im thinking of building a server here at home, is it a good idea? or just stick to a tower and lappy?



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Do you have a use for a server? Just about any computer can act as one.

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Depends on your use case really. 


I personally run a server at home with around 5 VMs serving different functions. Part of it is for using as a test environment to learn, but it also has some very useful functions. 


Currently, I use it for my mass storage for my computers (about 16TB), VPN access to my network, network management, CCTV NVR, Windows Update server, Domain control, DNS, DHCP and a few applications that are always running. 


If you're in a technical role at work or want to move that way, I'd definitely recommend building one. If you have a specific use for it in mind, it can be useful. If you just want shared storage or something, you can really do that with a PC that's always on rather than a dedicated machine. 

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