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[SOLVED] How can I set an app to Not auto close when switching to battery/power saver mode? [W10]

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I've never experienced this before so I'm at a loss. The issue is 2 specific apps, important monitoring apps, are being auto closed by the OS (Windows 10) when my system switches to battery power.
It's not like the OS is closing everything that requires a lot of processing and/or power draw because games and stress tests continue running, it's just these 2 apps that run in the background and barely take up any processing power at all and no other background apps close, it's only these 2.

So, does anyone know of a way to set apps as a priority or something similar so they don't get closed automatically?


[Solved] After 5-6 days of messing around, dozens of posts on different platforms and forums, even contacting Micro$oft support (Haha, I'll get a reply next year), I suddenly noticed a greyed out box in Task Scheduler: "Stop if system switches to battery power", but it's unchecked and greyed out because it's connected to a master option above "Only start task if the system is on AC power".
Now, this is grey out and unchecked so it wouldn't make any difference if I checked both boxes, then immediately unchecked them again and saved, that would possibly fix the issue because that wouldn't make any sense at all... so of course it fixed it.

Why? Because Windows 10, that's why.

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