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Migration of non-boot boot device is harder than it should be.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have an old laptop I am putting a SSD into. However, the old laptop is not currently operational, so I thought "Hek I'll just toss it in my drive toaster and copy it to the new drive via my desktop." Should be easy enough.

Whelp I was wrong. Since the SSD is smaller, and since EVERY FREE UTILITY ON EARTH only wants to migrate my MAIN OS DRIVE as the source and not let me choose a source I am at a startling lack of software to get the job done.

To be clear.
Boot OS: C: 500gb
Blank Drive: D: 500gb
Laptop Boot Drive: E: 1tb (only 89gb used)

I want to migrate E onto D.

Problem 1:
Every free migration tool wants to migrate C onto D.

Problem 2:
Every free clone tool wants D to be 1tb+ in size and wont smart-trim the empty space.

Things I tried:
Shrinking the free space out of the patrician on the laptop drive.
10 different software solutions.
Praying to god.
Praying to Satan.

 None of these things worked :( especially Satan, he sent me a bill too. Where am I supposed to get a soul at 8pm on a Sunday night?

I guess I can wait till I have the memory to put in this thing so I can boot it up. (I do know it works I gave the memory away a while back). But I don't like to give up so easily. So if anyone has a solution I'm all ears.

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