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flat and light weight "light up" sign

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi! so im not sure if this is the right forum I need an help with how to build something,


what im trying to do is to turn this:

into something that will eventually go on a front door so somehow it will have to be waterproof.

i know aliexpress/WISH common LEDs wont work because they are too big or not flexable enough to construct the letters and so that might only work if i would have created something that will cover a whole wall.


cant think of any other way to create something of a sort that will be flat and light weight enough to literally "command strip" on a door but will be light enough and clear enough to read and look good.

any ideas on how to do it?

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There's all kinds of leds of all kinds of sizes. depends on how good you are with a soldering iron.

You can also order circuit boards on jlcpdb or other stores, quite cheaply.


Here you go : https://www.digikey.com/products/en/optoelectronics/led-indication-discrete/105


pick color, size, lens angle, then you can use a simple resistor to limit current into the leds so they won't die, and to keep the light from being too bright and have longer battery life.


You could also find some broken lcd monitor and remove the filters from the lcd panel , there's a bunch of semi transparent plastic sheets which spread light very uniformly, that may be useful to use where you have the text.


You can probably order a STENCIL made , as if the text represent traces or pads on a circuit board (and the stencil would allow you to apply paste over the traces). There are companies which produce such stencils based on the data you give them... they'll laser cut the text on a thin steel sheet and send you the sheet.\


I don't know what software you could use to convert this to stencil, but I suppose the first step would be to convert that to vector art or some digital image format.

Others may suggest software


Or you could do it on a thicker sheet of plastic or opaque material...

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