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Can i change the chipset thermal paste? Or should I? I wanna buy an asus z390 f rog strix. I have a 9600k and i want to oc him to 5ghz.

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Thermal paste (especially the stuff used by OEMs) is usually good for like 10+ years. That board is new enough that you shouldn't need to re-paste the VRM/chipset heatsinks. I've only done that on motherboards from 2009. 

As for the CPU, what cooler are you running, what voltage, what are your max temps after a 10-minute run of Prime95 small FFT, what thermal paste are you using?

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Both Intel and AMD are excellent platforms depending on use case, try to give advice off that and not personal preference for either OEM unless it's your own rig.


Always try googling your motherboard and looking at the spec sheet and manual - OEMs keep those up for a reason - and maybe you'll learn something 🤔

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Unless you are going from old intel no name paste to the highest end non conductive thermal paste the drop in temps is maximum of around 5C(margin of error could be big depending on how its applied and how much was applied). There is not a big difference in temperatures based on only replacing thermal paste from newer coolers as alot of vendors realized that the cost of better thermal paste is usually worth it since it helps with reviews thermal tests. The only way that thermal paste to really change temps is if your delidding the CPU or using liquid metal. This can be dangerous as its very conductive, but that would be the only way to see actual temp drops of about 10-20C. 

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