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How to make a split screen game show on two monitors but for each characters pov with no split?

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Question about "Dynasty Warriors" on pc, playing on one screen is basically split screen for two people, so i was wondering if there is a way i can seperate each characters screen across both monitors? i know you can make both displays show the exact same thing on each but both would still be split screened.

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put the screen above each other in display settings of windows. Then put the game in borderless window and set the resolution to the desktop resolution (so both monitors combined, 2 1080 monitors would make it 1920*2160). Not all games support this resolution, for some you might be able to set it in a config file. No idea if dynasty warriors can do either, you'll have to check. AFAIK this is the only way to do this. I have done this with rocket league and it worked great.

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