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AliExpress loop personal experience questions

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am looking to get started in the custom loop game, but I'm definitely outside my budget going name brand.


I know there will be plenty of keyboard warriors who will come out and say something to the effect of "I haven't used it but you should only buy name brand products from reputable sellers and you can't trust these" and I would if I could afford it, but I'm hoping there's somebody with real hands on experience with these. 


The loop I've pieced together is fully Bykski brand, which appears to be mostly a step up from the no-name brands on the site, and includes a Bykski rebranded Laing DDC pump (or so it appears). All copper or brass according to their pages. 


As for fans, I left them out because already have Noctua Redux NF-P12 & NF-P14 fans on hand.


I've got a Micro Center about half an hour away, but The Price is killing me. Without the graphics card block (which is non-reference, the only one I can find anyway is the one on AliExpress) is roughly $600. The equivalent parts on AliExpress (including duplicates of parts just in case so I don't have to wait for shipping if anything other than a block or pump is defective) is literally half that at roughly $300, or if you include the gpu block it's $400.


Basic research, I've found this Bykski brand available on Newegg, but none of it has been rated. The GPU block from them is also available on PrimoChill's website and on Amazon for $130 (one 5* review on Amazon)


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Well I can help you a bit here. I have used all Bykski fittings myself as well as a Bykski cpu water block although its different from the one you have. My experience has been very positive. All the fittings I bought threaded perfect and had no leaks or issues sealing to my tubing. The CPU block has worked very well for me as well. My distribution plate has a pump built into it and I find that pump a bit loud but thats the only complaint I would say I have. If I was to do another loop I wouldnt hesitate to buy the product again. I cant speak for their GPU water block, tubing or rad as I bought those from EVGA and Primo Chill

CPU Ryzen 3600, MB MSI MEG Ace x570, RAM Corsair Vengence Pro 32gb @ 3200 mhz, Custom Loop, Thermal Take Core P5 TG, GPU EVGA RTX2080 Ti XC  PC Part Picker list for complete build https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/j86vTB


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