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Posted · Original PosterOP

Okay, so my dad needs a laptop for when he is out, but he needs the same data (same drive) on a desktop at home so he can immediatly continue his work, so a synchronization is not an option.

I have been searching and trying to boot windows from a usb drive, I have also tried to install a new windows version on a smaller ssd and then trying to copy the desktop so that you could boot everytime from the small ssd, but all your files (on your desktop) are on the external drive, but I don't find how I need to do that.

Can someone help?

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Why not put just the DATA on a SSD and put the SSD in an external case?

Give the drive the same letter both at home and at work, for example something in the middle like P: for portable and your problem is solved.

He can place the software he uses on the same drive, if he'll ever need to install the software somewhere.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Could you show me how to do that because I have tried that and it didn't really work so maybe I do something wrong, or could you give me instructions step by step?

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