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Error Code: 0x0000225 Assistance

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I ran into any issue yesterday. When I restart or after turning on after a shutdown; my pc is not able to get into windows and I get this error 0x0000225 screen. When I press "Enter to try again" it's able to get into windows and everything works. This happens every time I restart or shutdown and then turn on.


After some troubleshooting, this happens only if my D drive (all my games are stored here) is connected to the motherboard. If I disconnect this drive, there are no issues getting into windows. Has anyone ever had an issue like this?


My C drive contains the OS, and is set to boot from the C drive.


Error Link

c9HLJQT - Imgur.jpg

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, Voluspa said:

Is your D drive the one with Windows installed on it?

In your BIOS, is the D drive set up as a boot drive if not?


Oh sorry I left that detail out. My D drive is not the one installed with windows. And my D drive is not setup as my boot drive. Even if I force my motherboard to boot off of the SSD, it still has an issue. I did notice that the SSD is listed twice.


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You can also run 
bootrec /scanos

if sfc /scannow doesn't fix it. That will identify windows installs. If it shows up more than once Windows might think it's on the D drive for some reason. Did you update recently?

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5 minutes ago, arc1880 said:

Would I just run these commands in windows normally or do I need to go into safe mode with command prompt?


Just start the cmd with admin privileges

no need for safe mode

... but I'm no expert

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Or go into "Recovery Environment", then "Troubleshoot", "Advanced Options", "Command Prompt" if you are at that blue screen you showed earlier.

Also, if you quote or @ people, they can see that you replied. You just have to type @ then start typing a username with no space. Click on the name and it will look like this @arc1880 and send a notification to that user.

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