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MasterBox MB520 RGB + Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro rgb setup

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I have this Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro motherboard and MB520 case that supports RGB Fusion as mentioned in the box. However, I can't find any guide that will connect the fans directly in the mobo. The only guide in the box is on how to use with a controller. Should I really use the Lighting Controller or is there any way I can make the RGB work without the controller? Is there any guide for this?

I also have MasterAir MA410M TUF Gaming Edition which I think is supported with RGB Fusion as well. I hope someone could help me. This is my first time building a pc with ARGB.

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I'll start by saying that RGB is probably hardest thing to figure out in PC building. ARGB and RGB are two different things that aren't intercompatible. Your motherboard doesn't have support for ARGB. So with case fans, if they are ARGB, you will need to use CoolerMasters controller. Same with cooler.


Otherwise you can just connect fans to 4pin RGB header with splitter. Motherboard software should then be able to control them.

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