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Dying Hard drive?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have an older Seagate "white label" Barracuda hard drive and recently I've been having super long booting times and some BSOD's and post errors on startup. A day or two ago task manager was showing response times in the 1000ms+ range on the drive and it wouldn't even show up in task manager about an hour ago (It does now after a little bit of tinkering). Now this drive has gone through many many hardware changes, it has had about 2 different graphics cards and an entire motherboard/CPU/Ram swap without a reinstall of Windows(Yes I know). Now this drive is about 6 years old if I recall correctly and I am not sure as to the prior use of this drive, it was given to me used. I went ahead an ordered a 128GB SSD from PNY knowing I would have to reinstall Windows because of the hardware changes. My question is, do you think the drive would be safe to use as a secondary mass storage drive, after all its about half full as is and a 128gb SSD is no where near half the capacity of the 1TB drive. I would wipe the drive completely and install Windows on the SSD and get any necessary applications installed first then I'll see if I actually need the drive or not. Thanks!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 hours ago, MrGrim07s said:

Why not? I think you can use. Just check for bad sectors for sure

Thanks! That's what I was thinking too. I have a few large games like GTA V, world of tanks, PayDay2 etc, I would fill that SSD in no time.

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