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Okay, so I build my first PC and installed windows, installed all the drivers and everything booted up fine. The only problem I am having is the video seems to be lagging behind the audio. I have tried downloading the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer, I have tried downloading them straight from nahimic and realtek. I have tried deleting the drivers and just using the windows ones. I have tried adjusting the audio from 32bit max hz all the way down to cd quality at 16bit. I have tried the front panel IO i have tried the MB IO. The audio is out of sync in VLC and in Chrome as well as whatever the windows browser is called (I never use anything but chrome so I forget the name). All have the same issue. Is this a problem with my motherboard? I am running out of time to return it to the retailer if it is. 
This problem is driving me absolutely crazy. I have deleted and installed drivers at least a dozen times and I don't know what else I can do to fix this... I am so sick of every video looking like a foreign dubbed movie. PLEASE help! 

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