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Turning AIO coolers into full custom loops

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello. I'm looking to start a fun project of buying broken AIO coolers for parts and sticking them together. They have usable CPU block pumps, hoses, radiators, fans.


I was wondering what sort of adaptors or compression fittings I might need to, let's say, cut into a H100i hose and stick it into a GPU block, or another radiator in another part of the case.


I'm interested in getting my hands dirty and experimenting with broken stuff to make a Frankenstein custom loop out of AIO.


Here's one I've got in mind currently:

H100i CPU block pump to H100i hose, to H100i radiator, to a severed H100i hose with the end stuck into a different radiator, then along a hose into a GPU block, then along a different hose into another radiator on the bottom of the case, then along yet another hose back into the CPU block.

H100i CPU Block Pump > H100i Radiator > Radiator > GPU block > Radiator


If I have issues trying to eradicate all bubbles I could put a reservoir in there somewhere.


I've seen video tutorials where they use those metal zip ties for better reassurance, but I was wondering if anyone from this community would have some good tips for me, before I get on it. I'm thinking about fittings, part sizes, how to take measurements to know what will fit what, how to make what fit what if something isn't so simple.


If this works, the price difference between it and buying custom water cooling parts might be huge.


Any help is always appreciated.

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Go to the automotive store, look at their wall of hose clamps and spiggots. That's exactly how computer watercooling started back in the day. I have fond memories of super jank watercooling. Enjoy the ride. 


As for measuring, just get a set of cheap calipers. 

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I took apart my Corsair H115i and spliced a GPU in to the loop, with a small reservoir.

It worked well, but the pump had to run at max rpm all the time to keep the flow going.

I used soft tubing and fittings made for the tubing.


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