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VMware player - Is there are way to stretch the display?

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I use VMware player to run old operating systems to play old games sometimes and I always have to set my host operating system's resolution to something stupid like 800x600 in order to play anything since the default screen is so small, but this doesn't work if I want to watch videos or something in another window at the same time.


Is there a way to stretch the guest window to 2x or 3x without changing the host operating system's resolution?

I saw some stuff online about how you can do this, but it seems to only apply to VMware workstation pro which is like $250 and wouldn't be worth buying just for this.


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Posted · Original PosterOP


I've been looking into ways to do this all day now and I tried setting the DPI settings for the program to scale it higher from windows by:

.Right clicking the shortcut for Vmware Wworkstation 15 Player.

.Going to properties.

.Selecting the compatibility tab.

.Clicking on  "Change high DPI settings".

.Checking the box under "High DPI scaling override"

.Changing the selection under the drop down box below from Application to System.


This makes the Guest operating system match the scaling setting under your display settings in windows in the host operating system,

but now the mouse won't work.


The mouse doesn't show up on the screen at all in windows 95.

In my windows 98 VM, you can see the mouse, but where you're clicking/pointing doesn't line up with where the mouse is really at.

So that doesn't work.


Is there a setting I'm missing or is one of the other VMware programs better for this like Fusion for example?

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