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On 10/9/2019 at 10:14 AM, HanZie82 said:

Roger that, was afraid of that. That says to me its more hardware related. (But as anyone i could be wrong)
I would go by trying to run as bare as possible. As in removing all but 1 RAM stick no drives and only GPU if need and such. And go and try to exclude whats working correctly.
Cus daily random reboots are the absolute worst.

I did what that site says for event viewer, it only isolated & showed me the kernel power events that the shutdown was unexpected, heres the full list of events I just got 

New Bitmap Image.bmp

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On 10/10/2019 at 8:00 PM, SpykeJuggalo said:

Well I ran Memtest86, no errors. The cheapest way to make it test bench ready is barbed fittings & soft tube, then I don't have to take any blocks off. Then I could test without the PCIE risers & the Cable extensions. But since I don't actually have a test bench, that also would be an ungrounded system. So before buying the fittings & tube. ive grounded my mobo to the outlet, one wire from a mobo screw that looks like it has a trace to the grounding connection, to a loose ground post I saved off a extension cord, soldered on. Its running, no restarts so far, and it didn't blow up 😅


Oh wow, so grounding it actualy helped. Im kinda suprised. Thanks for reporting back also. 
Really hope this fixxes it for you. :)

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