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AMD Lover

Not so inoccent random PM's (from Emma 🙃) PLZ READ ITS A REAL ISSUE


We are aware of this problem and are actively working to eliminate it as best we can.

Do not make any more threads about this issue.  This is now the main topic and additional threads will just be merged into this one if found.


If you receive one of these PMs,

  • Do not click any links
  • Do not reply
  • Report it using the links/buttons available so we are made aware (example below)
  • Delete it

If you see one of these profiles:

  • Do not post on their page
  • Report any spam status updates on the page
  • If the account is more than 24 hours old and there is no spam on the page, it is almost certainly banned, even if you cannot see it.  Again, refer to recommendation 1 above

If you received a notification for a PM, but the PM does not exist, it was almost certainly due to one of these and can be safely ignored.

If you received what appeared to be spam email from LTT, please understand that we do not send spam, but if you have elected to receive email notifications of PMs, you will receive an email about PMs, including this PM which is spam.





Message added by Ryan_Vickers

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On 10/8/2019 at 6:40 PM, AMD Lover said:

Woke up to my thread being combined with like 4 others and a crap ton of notifications 😂😂


Actually thought I was popular for a minute 🤪

not popular only famous.

into trains? here's the model railroad thread!

The way to get the specs for my PC. go to the store. Buy some potatos. boil them and mash the. and stuff that in a focus g with a ssd.

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