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ginga ninjer

What Should I Learn

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Hi All,

I'm interested in learning to code, I want to be able to code fairly complex websites, with messaging and payment transfers if possible, as long with some fairly complex algorithms, especially to do with automated research and stats finding, then using that research to run calculations. I have no idea which language to learn, so which one should I go for and how would you recommend I do so?



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jumping on suggesting nodeJS.



I an a nodeJS developer but i have a soft spot of python 😍


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Now before you comment let me explain.


C/C++ is a harder language to learn yes, however it has aspects almost all languages build on. C++ being originally an extension of the C programming language, both revolutionized the industry. You wont learn C++ to code unless you REALLY like it in the end however C++ gives you the core fundamentals of what every programming language has (including functional languages, even though C++ is Object Oriented) it will make the gateway to any other language you want to learn. Go, Java, JavaScript, Clojure, Python all are a few examples of languages that really take into some ideas of C++ and I learned C++ first which is how I got into all of those (even with the massive syntax differences)

C++ is a gateway language

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